Diamond Painting: Artwork That Sparkles

In recent years, affordable art projects such as adult coloring books, cross-stitching, and beading have become very popular. Creating art at home is a fun, relaxing outlet that allows you to embrace your creative side. Since 2017, there has been a lot of buzz about diamond painting. Diamond painting is a relatively easy to execute art style that originated in Asia about 10 years ago. Diamond painting involves applying hundreds of colorful sparkly rhinestones to a canvas with adhesive and an applicator pen. Diamond paintings can be small and simple, or large and complex. Popular designs include landscapes, animals, hearts, etc. Diamond painting enthusiasts describe diamond painting as a sparkly combination of beading, cross-stitching, and a paint by numbers kit.



Diamond Painting Kits

Since diamond painting is becoming increasingly popular, there are a wide variety of different diamond painting kits on the market. Most kits include canvas, rhinestones (also known as drills), adhesive, an applicator pen, and a tray. The beauty of diamond painting is that most kits include every tool that you will need to create a sparkly masterpiece. Some kits even include small wood frames so that you can frame your diamond painting and hang it on the wall when you are finished. The one exterior tool that may come in handy is a fairly bright light source, so that you can have a clear view of your canvas as you are working. There are diamond painting kits for adults and diamond painting kits for kids. Sparkly birds, lovely cats and dogs, beach scenes. and trees are only some of the most popular diamond painting designs.



Apply Multiple Rhinestones

There are many different ways to complete a diamond painting. Some diamond painting applicators will allow you to apply up to 5 rhinestones at a time. If you're working on a painting that has a section that is all one color, you can apply multiple rhinestones in a row all at once. This method will allow you to fill in a large space fairly quickly and efficiently. Applying multiple rhinestones in one application is especially helpful if you're working on a larger piece.


Work By Color

Some diamond painters prefer to work by color. Choosing a single color and working until you have finished every spot that includes that color is a great way to keep track of your rhinestones. Most diamond painting kits come with trays that allow you to arrange your rhinestones as you work. Some diamond painters prefer to use alternative methods to keep their rhinestones organized, such as empty egg cartons.


Start At the Top

Starting at the top of your canvas ensures that the rhinestones will set and dry properly. If you work from top to bottom, there is less of a chance you will accidently bump one of the rhinestones that you have already put in place and cause it to come loose. The good news about diamond painting is that the adhesive that comes with the kits is pretty strong. The rhinestones tend to stay firmly in place once you apply them with the applicator.




Diamond Painting For Kids

Diamond painting is a fun art project that can help nurture your child's budding creativity. Diamond painting is a wonderful way to help your child refine fine motor skills, learn color recognition and organizational techniques, and build their concentration and perseverance. Kids feel such a sense of accomplishment when they create a beautiful sparkly painting of their favorite animal, a lovely flower, or a sweet winter scene. Many diamond painting kits come with wooden pieces that allow you to frame your child's artwork. You can hang your child's diamond painting above their bed, or give it as a gift to grandma for her birthday. Hanging your child's diamond painting in a place where everyone can see it will give your little one a great sense of achievement.




Seasonal Diamond Paintings

If you love to create artwork that centers around certain seasons or holidays, diamond painting is a wonderful option. There are numerous diamond painting kits on the market that feature winter scenes, nativity scenes, and hearts. You can create a diamond painting for all of your favorite holidays. Diamond paintings make beautiful seasonal decorations. Diamond paintings also serve as lovely heartfelt gifts. If you're searching for a meaningful gift for a friend or a family member, a lovely diamond painting made especially for them will surely put a smile on their face.


Artwork to Keep Your Hands Busy

If you're the type of person who loves to work with your hands, diamond painting is something that you can do while you're talking on the phone, waiting for a casserole to bake, or supervising your little ones while they play. Diamond painting is relatively simple to do. Once you get the hang of it, diamond painting is something that you can walk away from and easily resume. Diamond painting is a soothing way to focus your mind and create something beautiful in the process. If you love to knit, craft, or create other types of artwork---diamond painting will surely bring you many hours of joy.


Diamond painting is an affordable, easy way to relieve stress and create lovely artwork that will receive praise from friends and family members. Diamond painting is perfect for highly skilled artists searching for a new way to express themselves, and people who have never created art before who are searching for a creative outlet. If you love beading and cross-stitching, you will absolutely adore diamond painting. If you are looking for a way to brighten your home with artwork that you created yourself, diamond painting is a wonderful place to start. Every person has an artist inside of them waiting to be awakened. Diamond painting is a fun, accessible way to introduce the world to your inner artist. If you come from a long line of skilled crafters, diamond painting is a lovely way to carry on the tradition. Diamond painting allows artists of every skill level to create a lasting, beautiful piece of artwork that literally sparkles. Diamond painting is for everyone.