Q: How do you cover the dark blue grid in the background?
A: You don't need to cover the grids or the background colors. When you are finished, soak the cross-stitch in soapy water for 20 minutes, repeat 2-3 times if needed, till all the patterns disappear, then wash with clean water again. Dry the canvas by leaving it flat in a ventilated place, in order to protect the threads from being damaged, you may iron the artwork on the back of the fabric with a steam flatiron until it becomes flat.
Q: Will the blue grid lines and background colors wash off and will it stain the threads when washed?
A: Yes, they will wash off, and no, they will not stain the threads.
Q: How to read the table at the bottom / sides of the canvas? How to determine which thread to use for a specific section?
A: The 3 line tables on the sides of the canvas help determine which threads to use. The first line is the pre-sorted threads' numbers, 01, 02, and so on. The second line with the numbers and/or symbols are each thread's corresponding symbol on the canvas. Please use this information to determine which thread to use, not the pre-printed colors on the canvas, as the stamped color blocks do not match the threads colors. (This is done on purpose, so that you see clearly which parts still need to be done without going cross-eyed.) The third line is the threads' DMC number, in case you would like that information. You don't really have to worry about that while stitching. This YouTube video also features a short tutorial for our stamped cross stitch kits.
Q: Will I run out of threads?
A:  Our kits come with more than enough pre-sorted threads, so usually you should have enough threads to finish the project. Please remember that each thread consists of 6 strands, and you should only use 3 strands to stitch 11ct cross stitch, and only 2 strands to stitch 14ct projects. But in case you do run out of threads, please just email us at maydearjia@gmail.com, and let us know which DMC colors you'll need (this information is on the canvas and also in the pattern booklet), and we'll ship you supplemental threads for free.
Q: Would it be easy to find frames for finished cross-stitch of different size?
A:  The cross-stitch projects were all designed with standard frames in mind, so you should have no trouble finding a frame for them after you finish.
Q: Do I need a hoop when using the stamped kits?
A:  Our stamped canvas are Aida cloths. But with pre-printed colors, they feel stiffer at first than blank cloths for counted cross stitch, but will soften as you handle the canvas and stitch on it. It is possible to stitch on it directly without a hoop, but if you prefer to use a hoop, it is ok too. 
Q: I am a total beginner and don't even know the terms. Would the instructions help me to get started?
A: Detailed instructions are available in each cross-stitch kit.
See also this PDF for terms and instructions.
If you really want to invest time in cross-stitching, there is also lots of teaching videos on YouTube.
Q: Will the patterns on embroidery canvas disappear too when washed?
A: Yes, the patterns are made with special ink and will disappear once in contact with water. Please be careful not to get the canvas wet before you finish, or the pattern might disappear.